The Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale Community Council (TWWCC) was created to promote the well-being of our community: by finding out what you want, representing this to the Shetland Islands Council, and by taking whatever actions are practical to help the interests of the community.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and are generally open to the public. The next meeting will be 7:00pm on 17th July 2024, at Whiteness & Weisdale Public Hall. (click here for the Agenda)


About the TWWCC

The Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale Community Council is one of 18 Community Councils in Shetland: voluntary organisations set up by Shetland Islands Council as the most local tier of elected representation. Our role is to act as a voice on behalf of local communities, and we aim to represent a full cross-section of the community and encourage people to get involved regardless of gender, race, age, disability, nationality or sexual orientation. Members are all people who live in the area and the Community Council is both non-party political and non-sectarian. The Community Council is made up of:

Current Members

Andrew Archer (Chair)
John Clarkson (Elected Member)
Margaret Cooper (Co-opted Member)
Charlie G Hodge (Elected Member)
Catherine Hughson (Ex-Officio)
Neil Leask (Elected Member)
Moraig Lyall (Ex-Officio)
Martin T Randall (Elected Member)
David A Sandison (Ex-Officio)
Ian Scott (Ex-Officio)
Linda Tulloch (Vice-Chair)
Birgit Wagner (Elected Member)

Contact details for the members can be found on the Shetland Islands Council TWWCC page


Below are the Minutes from previous meetings of the Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale Community Council. Also available are the Minutes of the Viking Wind Farm Community Liaison Group.

Previous TWWCC meetings

JUN 2024 PDF file, 520K
MAY 2024 PDF file, 538K
APR 2024 PDF file, 451K
MAR 2024 PDF file, 431K
FEB 2024 PDF file, 146K
JAN 2024 PDF file, 165K
NOV 2023 PDF file, 423K
OCT 2023 PDF file, 423K
SEP 2023 PDF file, 426K
AUG 2023 PDF file, 420K
JUL 2023 PDF file, 424K
JUN 2023 PDF file, 415K
MAY 2023 PDF file, 444K
APR 2023 PDF file, 79K
MAR 2023 PDF file, 429K
FEB 2023 PDF file, 104K
JAN 2023 PDF file, 433K
NOV 2022 PDF file, 473K
OCT 2022 PDF file, 424K
SEP 2022 PDF file, 426K
AUG 2022 PDF file, 84K
JUL 2022 PDF file, 93K
JUN 2022 PDF file, 153K
MAY 2022 PDF file, 95K
APR 2022 PDF file, 378K
MAR 2022 PDF file, 266K
FEB 2022 PDF file, 281K
JAN 2022 PDF file, 265K
NOV 2021 PDF file, 310K
OCT 2021 PDF file, 309K
SEP 2021 PDF file, 309K
AUG 2021 PDF file, 262K
JUL 2021 PDF file, 268K
JUN 2021 PDF file, 266K
MAY 2021 PDF file, 262K
APR 2021 PDF file, 270K
MAR 2021 PDF file, 444K
FEB 2021 PDF file, 440K
JAN 2021 PDF file, 433K
NOV 2020 PDF file, 334K

Viking Community Liaison Group (VCLG) meetings

OCT 2023 PDF file, 264K
JUL 2023 PDF file, 123K
FEB 2023 PDF file, 119K
JUL 2022 PDF file, 440K
APR 2022 PDF file, 175K
JAN 2022 PDF file, 169K
NOV 2021 PDF file, 440K
JUL 2021 PDF file, 202K
APR 2021 PDF file, 149K
JAN 2021 PDF file, 259K
NOV 2020 PDF file, 238K

Applying for a grant

There are two main sources of funding:

  1. Each Community Council has a limited amount each year to support local community projects. To apply to the TWWCC, please download a TWWCC grant application form and send it to the Clerk (the address is included in the form).

  2. The Shetland Community Benefit Fund (SCBF) Advanced Grant Scheme is open to groups, organisations, charities, as well as some businesses and individuals, throughout Shetland. All applications are made to SCBF, who then share these with the Community Council for a funding decision. To apply to the SCBF, please go to ‘How to apply to the SCBF Advanced Grant Scheme’.
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